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Hellhound Photography...Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years but it wasn't until my cat started getting older and I realized that she wouldn't be around forever that I began taking my animal photography seriously. Looking back through my photos, I noticed that for several years I hadn't taken more than a few pictures of Boo Kitty and Taz and I really regretted the gaps in my albums. When I adopted Rookie, my freeway dog, I decided that I wouldn't miss an opportunity to document her life through photos and Hellhoundphotography was born. I started taking my camera to the dog park, dog beach, lure course, etc...and it wasn't long before I began photographing friends' pets (and children!) as well. It's easy to take for granted the time we spend with our pets and forget how much shorter their time on earth is. Boo kitty passed away September 24, 2009 at 17 years of age. Although I've always had dogs and cats growing up, Boo was my first pet, and I miss her. She was my alarm clock and greeted me at the door everyday, but she was a helluva mean kitty too!
Rook was found running on the freeway with her brother in downtown LA. Needless to say, she came with issues. As anyone with a high-strung, young dog knows, teamwork builds trust and trust is all important! Working with Rook has changed my life dramatically. We went from 5 am walks to avoid both other dogs and men, to obedience training and an aggression specialist to a CGC certified dog within 6 months. Her transformation has been amazing and I am very proud of my little monster.

If you have any special requests for photos (ie: black and white, partial black and white, etc...) please let me know and I'll see what I can do!

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